My name is Alon Schwartz I have been engaged in organizational development and organizational management for almost 20 years. In the past, I served as CEO of a large employer's organization in which I accompanied and assisted over 1200 business members of the organization. I have served as an organizational consultant to companies and organizations for almost 10 years and worked with various organizations - high tech, industry, commercial and public sector. In all my years of work, I have always connected a deep understanding of work processes and strategic perceptions to the issues of actual work - to the profit line, to everyday work.


In recent years I have been engaged in developing an innovative field in Israel "spatial strategy".

Although space has a dramatic impact on the activities of organizations, few managers give it the opinion. Although everyone understands in a simple and intuitive way how important it is that space allows us to do the best job, most of us refer to it as "that's what there is..."


The studies clearly show that slight changes and adjustments in the business's operating space can raise fertility and profits by tens of percent. Sometimes replacing or changing the way the cafeteria is seated will increase the percentage of the activity's profit by 15%.

Addition of vegetation in the office, greater exposure to sunlight, planning of communications in the office, and the encounter between employees. These are all worth a lot of money that can be "lifted off the floor" not with great investment but precise planning!