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Alon Schwartz

Spatial strategy - precise working environments


Our goal is to create better and more accurate work environments.
To this end, we will conduct diagnostics and organizational measurements to check the way you work today and what is required of you to create an excellent work environment.
After we conduct the diagnosis, we will build a spatial strategy for you that will allow you and your employees to increase your productivity and well-being.



Introductory lecture
What is spatial strategy?

In an experiential lecture full of examples and illustrations from the world of spatial design, we will understand together the connection and the influence of space and the environment on the way we think and work.


spatial strategy

Through an orderly and measurable diagnostic process, we will build together the spatial strategy of your organization. In the end, you will receive a program that will allow a future planner to build a quality environment for you.
It is also possible to implement large parts of the plan without transitions or renovation.


Work environment precision

In a long accompanying process, we will conduct a diagnosis, and based on it we will pave a road map on which we will walk until the change of the organizational work environment
in the cultural, physical, and technological aspects. These processes are usually priced on a retainer basis.


My name is Alon Schwartz

Organizational consultant with 20 years of experience.

I advised dozens of organizations - high-tech, public organizations, basic industries, and associations.

Specialization in leading change and building HR strategies.

I served as CEO of an employers' organization with 1,200 businesses and over 5,000 employees.

In the last five years, I specialized in building a spatial strategy and accuracy of work environments - offices, schools, and clinics.

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